Traveling Küfa

The Torhaus KochKollektiv invites you to its new event series: Traveling Küfa, taking place every last weekend of the month in collaboration with different community spaces in the area.

Alone or with your posse, come cook, eat, share, learn and enjoy a communal event with the Kochkollektiv community!

On the menu:
- Creative communal cooking with mostly foodsaved and vegan ingredients,
- (Fun) knowledge sharing through varying food sustainability topics (e.g. regionality, veganism, storage, carbon footprint, zero-waste, etc),
- Opportunity to get to know (and join) the Kochkollektiv crew and its partner of the month,
- Community meal with great people.

Additional infos:
- You can help cook or simply come for the meal.
- The event is always donation based.
- Main languages spoken are English and German.
- We will provide the ingredients but feel free to bring anything laying around in your kitchen, needing to be used.
- Any leftovers will be distributed at the end of the event.

To know when, where and the topic of this month's Traveling Küfa, please check our social media (FB or IG: @torhauskochkollektiv) or send us an email at

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