The Torhaus is the former gatehouse of Tempelhof Airport.

Once the domain of airport gatekeepers, the Torhaus now welcomes those dedicated to creating a united, inclusive, and empowering city for everyone.

Built in the 1960s, this historic structure is a protected landmark featuring two spacious rooms, a sunlit glass atrium, and a storage area.


In addition to club meetings, the Torhaus also hosts exhibitions and workshops.

From Thursday to Sunday, one of the rooms is used for our community THF Radio.



The Torhaus is transforming into a self-managed, community-driven hub, ready to showcase the potential of active participation.

This iconic former gatekeeper's residence is undergoing a sustainable and energy-efficient renovation to support this vision.


The renovation will create a multifunctional space where workshops and meetings of various social projects can take place.

In addition, the radio station is to be expanded. A kitchen is also to be installed, so that regular KüFa's can take place in the gatehouse.

The project "Energetic Redevelopment of the Torhaus" is funded by the Berlin Program for Sustainable Development (BENE) with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development and the State of Berlin (funding code 1334-B2-G).

Gatehouse Berlin
Gatehouse Berlin
Gatehouse Berlin

Shared use

The Torhaus is available for your initiatives. If you have a project or an idea and would like to use the space, please email us via the contact form

You want to use the Torhaus for your initiative?

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