The Torhaus is a 55m2 gatehouse located directly at Columbiadamm 10. If you plan to visit the Torhaus, you will find information here about the entrances and possible barriers.

Accesses & Barriers:

Public Transport (ÖPNV)

If you are using public transportation, the U6 is the best option to reach Platz der Luftbrücke. There is an elevator at the U-Bahn Station Platz der Luftbrücke. The path from the station to the Torhaus is approximately 500 meters long and paved.


There is a large paid parking lot directly across from the Torhaus. Sometimes the parking lot is closed due to events at the airport. Feel free to contact us before your visit to find out if parking spaces are available.


The entrance door on the Columbiadamm side is 88cm wide and therefore not barrier-free. However, there is a second entrance door on the back, which is 90cm wide and has a ramp for wheelchair users. The gatehouse itself stands on a sidewalk that is about 10 meters wide and has a curb that is about 10cm high.


The gender-neutral restroom in the Torhaus is not wheelchair accessible. The nearest accessible restroom is located in the airport building. If there is an event in the Torhaus, we can contact the building staff to provide access to the accessible restroom. The path from the Torhaus to the accessible restroom is about 800 meters.


If you need more information about access and barriers before your visit, please feel free to contact us at the following email address:


We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere at events in the Torhaus. In doing so, we adhere to awareness guidelines that apply to all attendees. Awareness means that together, we create a space where we treat each other considerately and respect each other's boundaries. Therefore, we do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism, ableism, antisemitism, queer- or transphobia, or any other form of discriminatory or violent behavior. If you observe or experience any form of intrusive or discriminatory behavior, you can always approach the organizers at the Torhaus.

Many barriers are not immediately apparent. For us, acting inclusively means considering invisible disabilities, limitations, and challenges when organizing events and creating the best possible access. However, we do a lot of volunteer work and cannot guarantee that we always have everything in mind. If you have criticism or suggestions to make the Torhaus a more inclusive place, please feel free to approach us at any time or send an email to:

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