Hangar X

What if we had a hangar at our disposal?

The Open Call and three Hangar X planning workshops have taken place from August - December 2020.

The Open Call was used to collect concrete and dreamy space requirements for a 5,000sqm hangar (a large hall) at Tempelhof Airport. Ideas were sought for spaces that are completely lacking in the city or of which there should be more.

This project was started by the Stadtpolitik & Commons AG of Torhaus Berlin e.V. and implemented without any funding. Participation was free, LGBTQIA+ friendly and the planning workshop took place with an awareness and corona concept. 

Designing a Hall for All Together!

The Open Call ran until the end of September 2020.

The planning workshops took place between September and December as part of the Living the City exhibition and were a collaboration with Popticum Kollektiv.

The Hangar X working group has been working on follow-up projects since January 2021. Partial results and insights into the project can be found on the participatory website Decidim.

Contributors: Carmen Carolina Staiano, Tomma Suki Hinrichsen, Serena Abbondanza, Mona Saddei

Special Thanks to the Popticum Collective

Gatehouse Berlin

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