Torhaus Travel Agency

In this agency everybody is an agent!

During a 3-month art residency at the „Living the City“ exhibition, seven members of Torhaus Berlin e. V. reactivated the former Sky Fly travel agency in the former Tempelhof passenger lounge and transformed it into Torhaus Travel Agency, a community space with an extensive program of events that invites you to „travel“ into the future of the former Tempelhof airport and the city.

The Travel Agency was inviting the public to  a journey full of misguided tours, pub crawls and souvenirs around the airport building.

The events took up the most popular tourism practices in a revisited and performative version to stimulate a collective reflection on political and social issues in relation to Tempelhof and encourage visitors to become themselves no longer „tourists“ but „agents“ of this journey.

The agency was produced and designed by: Carmen Carolina Staiano, Zachi Razel, Serena Abbondaza, Mona Saddei, Tomma Suki Hinrichsen, Ayosha Kortlang and Sara Smed

Torhaus Berlin

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