Radio Radio @ Garbicz Festival

Your number one channel to stay updated and get down to dance. Tune in or drop by and enjoy the hottest hits and the coolest vibes. The THF Radio crew will serve you daily festival news, the freshest gossip and highly serious interviews.

THF Radio & Torhaus moved to the Garbicz Festival in August 2022 as a festival frequency. The radio program revolved around the theme of “Encounters” and addressed future potentials in the intersecting fields of art, music and nature. With the focus on “Encounters” we entered into a dialogue with different communities in order to overcome barriers and borders. In this way, we aimed to highlight the various possibilities for an inclusive and diverse future of festival culture.


In addition to curating the program, we designed an inviting space on site. The connecting element was a stage and a dance floor covered with shade netting.

In addition, the construction team of Torhaus Berlin e.V. designed a bar and various seating elements.

Torhaus Berlin

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