Fadi Al-Hamwi - Guard Never Sleep

Fadi Al-Hamwi is the first artist in residence in the "We are Open" program

Redidency #1

01.10.2023 - 15.10.2023

The project

During the two weeks, Fadi Al-Hamwi will examine and explore the contradictions and interconnections between the history of the Torhaus and its present through his personal experience of exile. In 2015, Fadi arrived at the Tempelhof airport building with a large black suitcase, where he stayed for a week as a temporary residence for an indefinite period of time. During the artist in residence at Torhaus Berlin, he plans to create a performance installation.

About: Fadi Al-Hamwi (b. 1987, Damascus, Syria) is a Berlin-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. He studied oil and mural painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Damascus before his work changed significantly in response to the spreading violence in Damascus in 2011. Al-Hamwi is concerned with the interplay between dormant and realized expressions of violence and desire, exploring the tensions between construction and destruction. His multidisciplinary approach reveals a deeply personal yet socially engaged process of reckoning.

Jury: "Fadi not only had the experience of spending a short time at Tempelhof Airport as a refugee, but he also took the time to explore the Torhaus before deciding to apply. This led him to write a comprehensive and coherent application. "It wrote itself," as he says. We imagine his installation performance as a trippy, fun, dark and immersive experience."

Gatehouse Berlin

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