Park Radio

PARK RADIO - live from Spreepark. An auditory journey through Spreepark.

PARK RADIO - live from Spreepark. At the 17th and 18th of August the rolling radio has invited the public on an auditory journey through Spreepark.
in 2001 the park was closed and nature has reclaimed the space. In the middle of the city, flora and fauna spread out and transformed the Spreepark into a mystical place with its own ecological dynamics. PARK RADIO wants to explore the past and the future of this place through soundwalks and performances.

The program was a mix of music, performance and a guided soundwalk through the park.

Participating artists:

Ronja (DJ)

Linda (DJ)

luïza luz(transdisciplinary artist)

AMA//MIZU (producer/composer)

Gatehouse Berlin

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